New Kitchen - design pt. 1

Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell Houses!!!!

I've said it time and time again but even I am impressed when I see the dramatic results and impact that a new kitchen and bathrooms have on the marketability of a home.  It is so rewarding see a space that is and envision what it could be.  Of course, not everyone has this vision, that is why there are design programs and designers who specialize in planning and rendering so that you can see what something will look like when the job is done before the work even starts.

I am getting ready to start the design of the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and laundry room of a home that I will be listing for sale soon.  The first step in this process has actually happened already, that is where I had a plumber and electrician in the home to do the rough in plumbing and wiring.  I planned out where the stove, fridge, dishwasher, and lighting would go.  In the kitchen, the goal is to create a functional working space but sometimes the design is limited by factors that may be out of your control.  If possible, I like to center the kitchen sink underneath a window, sometimes that isn't possible.  I like to put the dishwasher either to the right or left of the kitchen sink, that isn't always possible either.  The point is that sometimes you have to find the balance of what you need and want that still fits your budget.  

This home for example, has presented its own unique set of obstacles.  The kitchen isn't super huge, the HVAC guy installed some duct work in a location I'd rather not have it but have no where else to put it, there is a breakfast bar  wall that is placed in a very odd location, and on top of all else, there is rustic pine trim and paneling in the home so I'm trying to pick a cabinet that won't clash with the trim.

In my opinion, none of these things will be a deal breaker to a potential buyer when I'm done with the kitchen.  Because I am building the cabinets, I'm not limited to standard sizes.  I'm also building frameless cabinets so every cabinet has approximately 1.5" more horizontal storage than the same size face framed cabinet.  That can add up quick on a wall where there are 4-5 cabinets!! I'm also putting in a couple of lazy susan cabinets and a 45 degree corner cabinet to make the most of the space.  There will be a couple of pullouts next to the sink and a pullout waste bin.  Because the cabinets will be custom designed and custom built, every inch of usable space will be utilized.  A typical kitchen comprised of standard box sizes usually has a considerable amount of space wasted and filler strips used.  This kitchen will only have filler strips placed between a cabinet and a wall to allow clearance for all the doors to open freely without hitting the wall.  There is also a ton of storage in the hallway and I'm also putting cabinets over the washer and dryer hookups.  So while this kitchen might be smaller than some, it will have more usable storage and the home itself has more storage than most others.  

This is the kitchen space I am working with:

This is a render to give an idea of what I'm doing:

Here's another angle:

I will likely put hickory cabinets in the home. Here are some hickory cabinets that I built recently however, these are a 5 piece shaker (flat) panel cabinet and I will most likely build these new ones as a raised panel.

These are some raised panel hickory cabinets I built for a friend a few years ago:

I am leaning towards hickory because the combination of heartwood and sapwood, in my opinion, lends itself well to a variety of different finishes.  In this house, there is a bunch of pine.

I really feel that I need a wood species that both matches and contrasts the paneling and trim in the home.  If you have any suggestions, please comment.  In the meantime, keep an eye out for the next step in this project, cutting parts!!!  Also, as a shameless plug, this home will be listed for sale when complete.  It is 3 bedroom 3 bathroom, has a one car garage, new finishes, new HVAC, and sits on 12 wooded acres just outside of Silver City.  As this is a home I own myself, it will be available exclusively through New Mexico Properties and I won't be listing it in the Multiple Listing Service.

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