Working with a Local Broker has its Advantages

Growing up as A kid one of my fondest memories was a small pizza place called Mama D's who would always buy our little league baseball uniforms.  After our games ended  we, along with many other teams would pack that little restaurant and eat pizza and drink soda and talk about the nights events..  The walls were covered with group pictures of all the little league teams the owners supported.   The owners would come out and greet us and tell us how great we were.  For a kid, it makes them feel like they are All Stars in the big leagues. They supported the community and the community supported them.  

New Mexico Properties is devoted to our community.  We understand the importance of staying local,  supporting our local businesses, non profits, and yes those little league teams, cheer teams, high school teams every time we are able. It is part of our culture to make sure we keep our support local. 

According to Forbes, 87% of home buyers bought their home using a real estate agent, and 88% of those same buyers would use their agent again or recommend them to someone else.  If they are with a local company, chances are they have a large network. 

Las Cruces Build my future event with the Las Cruces Public Schools

Here is why staying with a local Real Estate Pro is always a great choice. 

Knowledge of the Local Area: An experienced, Las Cruces Broker will know the area inside and out.- The best neighborhoods, school districts, and local amenities. They will also be familiar with the average market price for both buying and selling,  the current trends of the area. Ask our brokers about the area and I assure you they will have an in-depth knowlege 

We  know the market, and they often know about homes that are not yet listed on the market and having an insider’s tip can be beneficial once you’ve established your list of non-negotiables. A local expert will have a sense of how the market has evolved over time; in addition to accessing, sharing, and interpreting local market data.

Availability: If you are buying a home, Our local brokers can physically meet you to show you homes and can schedule the showings for you. If you are selling your home, we can stage your home according to the latest market and industry trends, and host open houses. Working with a real estate agent in person is MUCH easier than attempting to communicate all the necessary details via phone or email.

 New Mexico Properties will also keep you in the loop during the entire selling or buying process until your transaction is complete. We attend the home inspection, the walk-through, and the closing to guarantee no issues arise, and no confusion occurs.

 Our local brokers will ensure that your entire purchasing or selling transaction move more efficiently. The legality of home buying or selling is an ordeal within itself. Not only will your realtor guide you through each step of the process, but they will also explain and break down the requirements and terms of the contract, negotiations, home inspections, closing costs, and other necessary paperwork.

An Amazing Network of Other Local Experts:  Many of Our award winning brokers have lived in Las Cruces most of their lives and have seen our amazing community grow.  We have also grown with other experts in the area and have a great insight to some of the best service providers in the area.  We have been a part of many Local associations including our Las Cruces Homebuilders association,  Chamber of Commerce,  Local Non profit efforts, and even come up with initiatives of our own to help support our community.  

When you work with New Mexico Properties, your money stays invested in Las Cruces. 

We are community builders who want to contribute to a positive growth and development in our community in ways that do not just include finding homes.  We want to see your families grow here, we want to stay in touch, take you for coffee, run into you at grocery stores, and yes meet your friends and family.  New Mexico Properties will ALWAYS stay committed to Southern New Mexico. 

Wishing you all a wonderful summer 2024. 

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